Thinky applications

Applications THINKY  Mixer VIscosity, Density,
Particle Volume or Size
1 Ceramic (10 V%) Dispersion Defoaming ARE-250 2 minutes Barium Titanate – 6.02g/cm3 Micron particle, 10 volume %, (Total 120g) View
 2 Nano Ceramic (70 V%) Dispersion Defoaming ARE-250 3 minutes Aluminum oxide – 0.5µm Nano particle, 3.97g/cm3 50-70 volume % View
3  2 part Epoxy Mixing Defoaming  ARE-250 20 seconds Epoxy Part A: 3000-6000 poise Part B: 0.3-0.7 poise View
4 Carbon Nano Fiber (10V%) Dispersion ARE-250 3 minutes CNF-10 volume % Nano particle, Fiber View
5 Carbon Black 2 part silicone (20 wt%) Dispersion Defoaming ARV-310 1 minutes/ ARE-250 8 minutes Nano Carbon Black 20wt% (50V%) Nano particle (Total 120g) View
6 Silicone Potting Compounds Mixing Defoaming ARV-310 3 minutes Part A: 4000-8000 poise Part B: 200-700 poise (Total 10g) View
7 Precious metal paste Dispersion Defoaming  ARV-310 / ARE-250 from 30 sec. to 1 min  General silver filled condudctive epoxy / Jar and syringe application Highly dense metal powder View
8 Carbon NanoTube (1-2 wt%) Dispersion  ARV-310 6 min  CNT – 1-2 wt% Nano particle tube View
9 Zinc Oxide(10 V%) Dispersion Defoaming  ARE-250 6 min ZnO 10 volume % petroleum Jelly 0.85, Zinc Oxide 5.76 View
10 LCD ODF sealant (10V%) Dispersion Deforming ARV-5000 TWIN Au Ball 10 volume % sealant 400,000cP, Au ball 3µ View
11  Printing Ink Degas ARV-5000 Solvent Ink 450g View
12  Viscous Epoxy Defoaming ARE-250250AD-EFD-3×6 Epoxy 828 2.5cc in EFD 3cc Syringe View
13  Alumina Dispersion Defoaming  ARV-5000 Aluminum oxide – 20 volume % Silicone 3000cP View
14  LED Phosphor Dispersion Defoaming ARV-310+ Syringe Loader Phosphor 10 wt% Slicone 10,000cP 20g View
15 Viscous Epoxy Defoaming  ARV-310 + Syringe Loader  Various Epoxy sample View
16 Talc DispersionDefoaming  ARE-250  Silicone 60g – 30wt% Silicone 10,000cP  View
17  CNF (1%wt) Dispersion Defoaming  ARV-310  6min  CNF 1%wt  View
18 Suspension Particle Reduction  ARE-250 3min Phenytoin as API  View
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