EPO-TEK® Medical

EPO-TEK® MédicalMedical adhesives for medical application.

EPO-TEK® Optical/ Fiber Optic

EPO-TEK® Optical / Fiber opticOptical adhesives for bonding and protective coatings in various fiber optic applications.

EPO-TEK® Electrically & Thermally Conductive

EPO-TEK® Electrically & Thermally conductiveElectrically and thermally conductive adhesives for the semiconductor, optoelectronic, automotive, aerospace and electronic assembly industries.

EPO-TEK® Thermal Conductive / Electric Insulating

EPO-TEK® Thermal conductive & Electric insulatingThermally conductive line of epoxies are used for high-tech electronic applications.


EPO-TEK® UVComplete line of high performance Ultraviolet (UV) cure adhesives ranging in viscosity, flexibility, refractive index and light transmission.