UV Spot Curing

Omnicure S1500 UV Curing Spot Curing

Omnicure S1500 UV Curing Spot CuringThis model is equipped with a lamp of 200W with a life expectancy protected from 2000 hours. Ideal for the manual or automated applications.

Omnicure S2000 UV Curing Spot Curing

Omnicure S2000 UV Curing Spot CuringThe last model of the platform of polymerization possesses remarkable commands and lamp of 200 W.

Omnicure Controler LX500 LED Spot Curing

Omnicure Controler LX500 LED Spot CuringThis system is designed with proprietary Intelli-Lamp LED technology that monitors LED head temperature, lifetime data, and automatically maintains optical stability +/- 5% during an exposure.

OmniCure Radiometer R2000

OmniCure Radiometer R2000Combined with the S2000, the radiometer allows to obtain a complete station of hardening with an unequalled control.

OmniCure Collimating Adaptor

OmniCure Collimating AdaptorIdeal for any application that requires a uniform spot. This is allow the user to cure adhesive evenly without having to compensate for uneven light distribution.

OmniCure Liquid light guides

OmniCure Liquid light guidesFlexible light guides are liquid-filled or made of quartz fibers. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type.

OmniCure UV LED Surface Curing

The OmniCure AC Series UV Curing systems offer a wide range of applications on a lot of surfaces, the AC Series offers UV LED curing systems that can be adjoined without compromising optical uniformity between systems to meet the needs of any application size.

UV radiometers

OmniCure UV LED Surface CuringCalibrated instruments that measure UV energy in relation to a standard UV source. On-Line monitoring instruments are not calibrated; they indicate UV energy relative to a user-defined benchmark.