Viscotec-pharma & cosmetic

01 Overview

ViscoTec offers an ideal solution for high-precision and shear sensitive filling, conveying and metering of pharmaceuticals and fluids, from very liquid to highly viscous.

ViscoTec offers ideal solutions for high-precision and shear-filling systems of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The principle of our systems is one of the rotary positive displacement pumps. The stainless steel rotor moves eccentrically in an elastomer stator. The interaction between the rotor and the stator creates cavities. The size of the cavities that open alternately remains constant during the rotation, in this way the product being fed is not compressed.

02 Technical Description


Dosing tolerance ± 1%

Dosing of products up to 5,000,000 mPas

Product-gentle filling of shear-sensitive materials

Dosing of abrasive products

Fast and easy cleaning of your equipment

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