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Thinky PR-1 Nano Pre-mixer

Nanoparticle Dispersion Machine for the Deagglomeration of CNT and Graphene

The THINKY PR-1 Nano Pre-mixer for nanoparticle dispersion and deagglomeration of CNT, graphene and other 2D nanomaterials is a patented design using a unique dual ultrasonic system to uniformly disperse nanomaterials before mixing into other materials.


How the Nanoparticle Dispersion Machine works

The THINKY PR-1 combines a system of two ultrasonic generators for multi-directional ultrasonic vibrations, with a controlled rotation of the container in the ultrasonic bath. This results in an even dispersal of the nanoparticles within the vial, with none of the poor results associated with normal ultrasonic baths or homogenisers, which can have dead spots or uneven energy areas.

THINKY PR-1 nanoparticle dispersal diagram

THINKY PR-1 nanoparticle dispersion using a dual-sonic system and controlled rotation

The THINKY PR-1 has a temperature limit control in the ultrasonic bath to counter the temperature rise of water and materials as a result of ultrasonic energy, avoiding changes in physical material properties. The system is compatible with quantities as small as a 5ml capacity vial to a 200ml capacity stainless steel container also compatible with the THINKY ARE-250 mixer to allow for a smooth process and reduced contamination from deagglomeration to mixing into a material.

mars 27, 2017

Thinky ARE 250

The THINKY ARE-250 mixing and degassing machine is an industrial non-contact “planetary” mixer for all engineering compounds. It mixes, disperses and degasses your materials in seconds to minutes, in a sealed or lid-less container such as a jar, beaker, syringe tube or cartridge. The non-contact mixing principle makes it possible to formulate compounds from very small amounts such as 0.5ml to large production scales.

The THINKY ARE-250 Mixer makes it possible for the processes of mixing and bubble removal to be carried out simultaneously. It is a conditioning mixer. It can be used for the mixing and/or bubble removal of not only epoxy but also silicones, conductive pastes, medicines, chemical materials, etc.

The THINKY ARE-250 Mixer is a lightweight benchtop model, which can hold up to 310g of material. The Multi-Step Mixing feature allows you to program 5 different sets of mixing and degassing conditions (time and speed per mode) in a single batch cycle. Precise control of the process makes it possible not only to improve formulation quality, but also to eliminate human errors or operator skills throughout the process. It is also effective in controlling shear, so as not to damage your materials. Cooled materials or heated materials can be processed with special adapters. The ARE-250 can accept syringes up to 55ml or up to 75ml (2.5 oz) cartridges with optional adapters. Larger THINKY mixers with vacuum capability are also available.

Features :

  • For high viscous, materials with various densities, or dry particle mixing
  • Simultaneous process of dispersion and degassing in one batch
  • Process in seconds to minutes
  • Process in your containers such as jar, barrel, cartridge, syringe or tube
  • Remove voids and re-disperse filled materials packed in syringes
  • Non-invasive processing ends the risk of cross contamination between batches
  • Process from 0.5ml – save valuable material wastage
  • Re-mixing of separated materials to prolong shelf life
  • Vacuum-less processing, degassing and de-aeration
  • No damage to material unlike the use of rollers, mixing blades or propellers
  • No unit cleaning between batches eliminates non-productive work
janvier 18, 2017

Thinky ARE 500

The Thinky ARE 500 is Medium-size, general-purpose model for upgrading from a smaller model. The highly durable drive system employed is developed assuming high-frequency use including production. The rotation radius increasing effect and optimized rotation-revolution ratio improves mixing performance, and the deaeration performance is as good as the smaller models. It is mainly employed for uses that require batch-processing of a certain amount and processing of materials whose issue is uniform dispersion, including mixing and deaeration of urethane resin, even mixing of suspension, as well as preparation of alumina slurry.

Features :

  • Rotation and revolution independent variable mechanism mounted
  • Twin system, maximum capacity 250ml/400g × 2 (gross)
  • Mixing capacity can mix high-viscosity material such as viscous grease with viscosity 4,000Pa s
  • Can use a sensor unit that can detect temperature of materials being mixed in real time (optional)
  • Effective in setting recipes for materials that do not like temperature rise
  • Through external PC connections, can display recipe settings, rotations during operation, and material temperature in real time (USB Type B standard equipment)
  • Can remote control through external PC connections (optional RS485 terminal)
janvier 18, 2017

Thinky ARE 400 TWIN

The built in mechanism can vary the ratio of rotation, while the twin system is newly developed. Mixes and deaerates a maximum 500 ml/800g of material (gross). This machine can set and reproduce optimal recipes for materials whose temperature is hard to control because it can detect material temperatures in containers in real time during operation with the combined use of the newly developed sensor unit incorporating non-contact sensors (optional). A PC connector (USB TypeB) is installed on the back of the unit as standard equipment, achieving parameter setting, rotations during operation and temperature monitoring.

Features :

    • Supports upgrading from smaller models
    • High-durability drive system suitable for production
    • Maximum of 500ml or 1.1kg of material can be simultaneously mixed and deaerated
    • A wide range of adapters extending the variations of containers usable (syringes, barrels, and disposable containers)
    • Cold-insulated, heat-resistant adapter supporting various characteristics of materials
    • Memory and step-operation functions for controlling operating conditions


janvier 18, 2017

Thinky ARV 310

Combining vacuum pressure reduction function with rotation and revolution mixing enabled efficient elimination of submicron-level air bubbles. With rotation and revolution movement under vacuum pressure reduction, deaeration of high-viscosity materials which was considered difficult can now be performed with excellent quality, and the processing time can be further reduced compared to the atmospheric type. In terms of operation, the centrifugal force of revolution during the operation suppresses the material within the container, eliminating the need to keep an eye on the material so that it does not overflow, as is needed with static vacuum chambers.

Features :

  • Simultaneous mixing, dispersion, and submicron-level air bubble elimination
  • Deaeration of high-viscosity materials difficult to be processed by a centrifugal separator
  • Reduced processing time and improved deareation performance compared to the atmospheric type mixer
  • Centrifugal force of revolution prevents overflow of material during operation
  • High-specific-weight materials such as fluorescent material can be evenly dispersed and deaerated without sedimentation (ARV-310LED)


janvier 18, 2017

Thinky ARV 930 TWIN

The Thinky ARV 930 Twin employs a twin mixer system, and supports manufacturing application with the capacity to process a maximum 1L of materials. It is equipped with a vacuum function in order to achieve deaeration at thesubmicron level, thus it is possible to process uniform mixing and dispersion as well as deaeration at the same time. It has two deaeration modes as standard features: one is vacuum deaeration mode which combines 400G centrifugal force and vacuum, and the other is atmospheric pressure deaeration mode which utilizes powerful centrifugal force of maximum 670G.

This enables high precision deaeration even with materials that contain a volatile component that is not suitable for vacuum deaeration. Furthermore, time to reach vacuum is significantly reduced by adopting our unique in-cup-holder vacuum pressure reduction system that minimizes the vacuum volume.

janvier 17, 2017

Thinky ARV 5000

The ARV 5000 is a large model that handles large capacity of maximum 3L and achieves deaeration at the submicron level.

Features :

  • Large capacity of 3L・5kg.
  • No boiling over of materials during operation because the optimal recipe for material can be set.
  • Optimal setting according to materials is possible by changing the number of rotations.
  • Excellent operability with a touch panel.
  • Equipped with cooling function by rotation
  • Various containers are supported
janvier 17, 2017

Thinky SR 500

The SR500 can prepare uniform viscosity in a short time for solder paste just taken from cold storage without bringing it back to room temperature. Metal particles with high specific gravity, such as solder particles settle to the bottom of containers in cold storage, causes differences in material viscosity.

The SR 500 regulates the viscosity of solder paste in a short time, with uniform viscosity from top to bottom. Also, because it can remove air bubbles thought to cause spattering of solder balls, it contributes to reducing the defect rate.
The SR 500 can immediately prepare cold stored solder paste without bringing it back to room temperature. By optimizing the mixing recipe, viscosity preparation and temperature preparation for solder paste is easy. It also removes large air bubbles in the paste, which are considered the cause of solder paste defects. It handles commercial 500g solder paste containers. It restirs and redisperses solder paste that has been used. Finally, it supports solder paste in syringes by using the optional adapter.


  • Can immediately prepare cold stored solder paste without bringing it back to room temperature
  • By optimizing the mixing recipe, viscosity preparation and temperature preparation for solder paste is easy.
  • Removes large air bubbles in the paste, which are considered the cause of solder paste defects.
  • Handles commercial 500g solder paste containers as is
  • Restirs and redisperses solder paste that has been used
  • Supports solder paste in syringes by using the optional adapter


janvier 17, 2017

Thinky ARC 40H

The THINKY ARC 40H syringe charger has been developed to fill syringes and barrels with mixed and deaerated material straight from the planetary centrifugal Deaeration Mixer while maintaining quality.
Because the filling operation is performed under vacuum pressure, mixing in of air bubbles is held to the minimum. Because multiple syringes can be filled at the same time, work efficiency can be improved and
upgraded. Also, because uniformly dispersed material can be filled at that quality, defects can be reduced at the time of potting which is thought to be caused by undispersed material and large air bubbles.

janvier 17, 2017

Thinky examples

Thinky mixes epoxy Thinky mixes solder paste
Epoxy resin
Epoxy resin, hardener and aluminium powder are mixed in 6.5 minutes. Ingredients are dispersed evenly.
Solder paste
Creamy solder paste with no air bubbles is made from solder powder and flux. Processed with ARE-250 in 45 seconds.
See video See video
Thinky mixes cosmetics Thinky mixes ointments
Ingredients for face cake, wax and coloured iron oxide, are mixed completely with the ARE-250 in 5 minutes.
It mixes yellow pigment into zinc oxide. Without solvent, it dispersed perfectly with the ARE-250 in 20 seconds.
See video
janvier 17, 2017
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