RX FireFlex UV Curing LEDs

The RX FireFlex is designed as a scalable « high power » water cooled UV-LED curing lamp aimed primarily at high performance/high speed single pass UV inkjet applications but with utility in a wide variety of web/conveyor based UV curing applications. The initial product from the RX FireFlex family has an emitting area of 75mm x 50mm and is available in peak irradiances of 4W/cm2 or 8W/cm2 as measured at system output glass, which correlates to up to 72W/cm2 at the LED level. The RX FireFlex architecture is designed to allow the systems to be scalable in 75mm increments to as much as 2m in length with a variety of peak irradiance and total UV power specifications based on customer and application needs.

janvier 23, 2017

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