Thinky ARE 400 TWIN

Thinky mixers are the ideal solution for homogeneous mixtures. Because a quality dosing deserves a quality mixer, Gentec offers Thinky ™ mixing solutions. Unrivaled on the market, these units respond to your desire for perfection in dosing. Independent and simple, they give your mixes a uniform appearance regardless of content. planetary mixers Thinky The use of centrifugal forces and deaeration process ensures a homogeneous result adapted to your mixers devoid of any air bubbles. Stop using your mixers with poorly mixed solutions and discover this range of mixers.

The built in mechanism can vary the ratio of rotation, while the twin system is newly developed. Mixes and deaerates a maximum 500 ml/800g of material (gross). This machine can set and reproduce optimal recipes for materials whose temperature is hard to control because it can detect material temperatures in containers in real time during operation with the combined use of the newly developed sensor unit incorporating non-contact sensors (optional). A PC connector (USB TypeB) is installed on the back of the unit as standard equipment, achieving parameter setting, rotations during operation and temperature monitoring.

Features :

    • Supports upgrading from smaller models
    • High-durability drive system suitable for production
    • Maximum of 500ml or 1.1kg of material can be simultaneously mixed and deaerated
    • A wide range of adapters extending the variations of containers usable (syringes, barrels, and disposable containers)
    • Cold-insulated, heat-resistant adapter supporting various characteristics of materials
    • Memory and step-operation functions for controlling operating conditions


  • Unit dimensions/H560×W460×D480mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 70kg
  • Maximum capacity: When using 300ml container 250ml・340g×2 (net) 250ml・400g×2 (gross)
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