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Syringes BarrelDrop™

Seringue BarrelDropThe syringes BarrelDrop designed for the high performance are available 3cc 5cc 10cc 30cc and 55cc and are certified without silicone. Exist in transparent for the normal fluids, in amber for the fluids sensitive to UV and black for those who are photosensitive visible.

Size Transp. Amber Black Qty/Pack
3cc BP03-CL BP03-AMBR BP03-BLK 50
5cc BP05-CL BP05-AMBR BP05-BLK 40
10cc BP10-CL BP10-AMBR BP10-BLK 30
30cc BP30-CL BP30-AMBR BP30-BLK 20



PistonDropPistonDrop gives you an optimal push of your fluid, contained in BarrelDrop. It also has a magnetic fixation in the gun which allows a maximal stability.

New ! A new 3 cc piston is optimized for low-viscosity products.


Size White Red Qty/Pack
3cc B-OPTI03 B-OPTI03-R 50
5cc B-OPTI05 40
10cc B-OPTI10 30
30cc B-OPTI30 20


Seringues BarrelDrop™ + PistonDrop™
Size Transp. Amber Black Qty/Pack
3cc BD03CNR BD03UNV BD03UON 50
5cc BD05CNR BD05UNV BD05UON 40
10cc BD10CNR BD10UNV BD10UON 30
30cc BD30CNR BD30UNV BD30UON 20

Tip Caps


Compatible with the Precifluid® volumetric dispenser, the tip caps protect the assembly fluids with a valve that prevents air from being introduced into the syringe during installation. The tip caps also have a large fluted fastening surface that simplifies placement.

Opti Premium tip caps are suitable for our BarrelDrop 3 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc, and 30 cc syringes.

Size Blue Qty/Pack
3cc BDEC03-N-B 50
5cc BDEC05-N-B 40
10cc BDEC10-N-B 30
30cc BDEC30-N-B 20
End cap

Available in blue for easy color coding, Opti Premium end caps are available in one size.


Taille Blue Qty/Pack
Unique BDEB050 50

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