Valve controller 700ETC

Valves controllers to automate the movement of a valve or the schedule for full autonomy. These interfaces between the controller and the trigger action of the cycle, ensure the steering with perfect reliability

Standard and programmable system

The controllers of valves allow to automate the movement of a valve or program it for a complete autonomy. These interfaces between the automaton and the cycle triggering, insure the steering with a perfect reliability. To meet precisely your needs , POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ proposes you the more economic and standard as well as the more successful and programmable controller.

Controller ( standard )

Multi-purpose, practical and fast, the controllers combined in the use of the valve, ensure the steerinng of the dispensing with a big precision. The deposit is repeatable thanks to a regulation of precise digital time (until 1 MS), times of answer very short, and a quality electronics. No programming, no mechanical modification, the regulation is simple and fast and does not require a shutt of production. The set communicates with any automaton or interface by simple exchange of dry contacts 5V-24V. An exceptional precision and an optimal control of processes result from it.

  • Mobile
  • Guaranteed 10 years
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Simplified Connection
  • Manual or automatic Control
  • Delivered with the power cord
  • High-performing Electro-vannes
Controller (programmable)

Besides gathering the entire functions of the standard controller, the advanced controller has a memory system which allows you to register your programs and to obtain strictly identical results. This controller can benefit from specific development according to your demands. More successful and strong, it is advisable in uses very long duration.

  • Signal at the end of cycle
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Ergonomic taken in hand
  • Alarm of dysfunction
  • 15 customizable programs
  • Share of advanced Information
  • Multi-valves steering function
  • Download PDF File
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