Novagard® RTV 800 Series

Novagard® UV Curable Sealants – 800 Series

Novagard® Silicones UV cured inks and coatings maintain all of the enhanced performance characteristics of conventional silicone based materials with processing speeds unmatched by other technologies. Based on patented, ultraviolet-energy cure chemistry exclusively available from Novagard® Silicones, the 800 Series products possess a speed and depth of cure far exceeding most other UV cure systems. This unique chemistry allows deep sections to cure almost instantly. If desired, a moisture curable component provides for shadow curing in those areas unexposed to the ultraviolet light source.

Silicone Properties with UV Speed are :

• Adhesion to most common substrates including plastics and metals
• Excellent thermal stability and weather resistance
• Transparent/translucent systems as well as highly pigmented formulations
• Dielectric properties expected from a silicone
• Unique, all new patented UV-cure chemistry (U.S. Pat. No. 7,105,584)
• Solvent Free / 100% solids – no VOCs to handle or report
• Extremely flexible, high elasticity with a soft touch and no tackiness
• Service Temperature of -54°C to 260°C

Description: The Novagard UV/Dual cure sealants are available in flowables, pastes and gels. These products will cure within three seconds when exposed to a UV light source. They are ideal for increasing through-put and eliminating the need to rack parts. Our paste products can be foamed up to 1/4” thick to reduce material costs.

Special Characteristics: Production line speed cure rate (~3 seconds), depth of cure up to 5/8” depending on product. Requires minimal UV energy source. *Approved under UL746E for indoor and outdoor usage on printed circuit boards as a conformal coating:

Physical Form: Flowable, Paste or Gel

Description Technical Data Sheet
Screen Printing / Gasketing 800-182
Semi-Self leveling Encapsulant / Potting 800-230
Sealant 800-235
Fabric Coating 800-240
Encapsulant 800-255
Encapsulant 800-260
Gasketing 800-400
Gel 800-610
Gel 800-620

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