Spray valve

Valves Air-Pulse ™  from the series FCS allow a dispensing  by SPRAY or micro-spraying (micro-pulverizing) (technology low-pressure / bottom (stocking) – volume). Accurate and efficient, they are intended to the small surfaces of 3mm to 10cm. Each of them is accurately manufactured with high quality standards guaranteeing the reliability of the operations. They are completely tested and patented in pre-shipment laboratory.


FCS SPRAY 62 spray valve

The FCSPRAY 62 Spray Valve is designed for precise spray applications of low viscosity fluids. An external stroke control makes it easy for the operator to fine-tune fluid flow. Total control of the spray cycle is provided by adjustable fluid flow and precise control of pre-spray, atomizing air and post spray with the FCSPRAY 62 Multi-Purpose Digital Controller. Downtime is virtually eliminated with only one seal to replace during normal maintenance.

FCS300 pulverization

Micro-spray valve FCS is an excellent solution for precisely spraying medium to small amounts of liquids and fluid products. It works on the principle of low-pressure / low-volume with a separation of the fluid and air to exit the valve. The distribution is uniform, the contours are sharp and clean. The accuracy of this valve allows for 5mm diameter points. Quick and easy to calibrate, it can be used in manual or automated applications.

We recommend you to use this valve with the following fluids : glues, RTV, lubricants, epoxies, silicone, greases, putties.

oiokjRC 200 radial pulverization (linear)

This system joins the technology of valve with double effect punch  associated to a compact pneumatic engine and  to a made-to-measure spray nozzle. It allows for example  the linear filling of a series of test tube. The association of proven technologies allows an appropriate and homogeneous distribution and limit the variations of accuracy between 0 and 2 %. The nose of atomization is freely exchangeable to pass quickly from a size of cylinders to another. The diameter of the outlet is adapted to the viscosity of the fluid.

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