Sealant Spatulas and Spreaders

In addition to its dosing solutions, Gentec offers a wide range of consumables, which are tailored to your equipment. You’ll find all kinds of syringes, needles, nozzles and adapters certified silicone-free and customizable upon request. Another advantage of weight in the range : Semco™ consumables, world’s leading manufacturer of metering cartridges, among which are cartridges, cartridge holders, plugs and nozzles. All Gentec consumables have an extremely accurate conception, with high manufacturing standards, and offers only product molded in plastic. This is a guarantee of consistency for your assay.

What are Semco® Sealant Spreading & Removal Tools ?

Semco® Sealant Spatulas and Spreaders are manufactured in special reinforced plastic for precise tooling of sealants and adhesives. The Semco® Scraper is designed to remove cured sealant in various aircraft applications (OEM and aftermarket). Operators are now able to utilize the ergonomic design of the Semco® Sealant Scraper to more effectively remove cured material from the targeted substrates.

Semco® Scraper Blade Technology

This scraper is fabricated from Celcon® POM and will not scratch or score aluminum substrates.


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