Cyberbond durably and reliably retains threads, shafts and bearings. Generally the need to dismantle these joints easily is not required. Therefore the high strength retainers of the Cyberbond « R » series range meet the requirements of these types of joints. When Cyberbond is used a uniform stress distribution throughout the joint is achieved, which means dynamical and static loads can easily be withstood. In contrast to the benefits of these modern liquid retainers, traditional cylindrical assembly methods do have the following disadvantages:

  • In the case of press fits or shrink fits, high machinery costs are involved and the parts have to be designed very accurately and become very expensive joints.
  • In common drive assemblies, pins, splines or adjusting springs are often used, which have the disadvantage of fretting corrosion and high punctual stress.
    Due to various elongation figures in different metals, a welding or soldering process is quite often limited.When Cyberbond retainers are selected all these disadvantages disappear. Even when the retainers cure at room temperature, multiple strength values can be achieved, compared to assembly methods where adhesives have not been used. When Cyberbond retainers are used, the following advantages are gained:
  • Small gaps can be bridged which allows for less costly designed mating parts.
  • Friction corrosion is avoided.
  • Assembly of parts having different elongation figures is possible.
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