Optical / Fiber Optic

Epoxy Technology’s optical line of adhesives is used for bonding and protective coatings in various fiber optic applications. Our epoxy adhesives are frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices such as: telecommunication networks, aircraft, satellites as well as medical and scientific instruments.

Representative examples:

  • EPO-TEK 353ND, a well-known “standard in the industry”
  • Epo-Tek® 383ND, an 8-hour pot life version, are commonly used in fiber connections for coating over stripped fibers or for ferrule potting.
  • Epo-Tek® 301 and EPO-TEK 301-2 are two component, clear and colorless, room temperature curing epoxies for sensor applications in IR and medical CT detectors. Both are USP Class VI approved.
  • Epo-Tek® 310M-2 is a two component, room temperature curing, highly flexible epoxy for bonding stress sensitive components. USP Class VI approved.
  • Epo-Tek® OD2002 is a two component, high Tg epoxy with low modulus and good toughness. It is autoclavable and exhibits low stress on large core glass fibers in connectors.
  • Epo-Tek® 301 is a two components, room temperature curing epoxy featuring very low viscosity, and excellent optical-mechanical properties.
  • Epo-Tek® 301-2 is a two components optical, medical, and semiconductor grade epoxy resin, with low viscosity, long pot-life, and good handling characteristics.
  • Epo-Tek® 301-2FL is a two components optical, medical, and semiconductor grade epoxy resin.  It is a more flexible version of Epo-Tek® 301-2.
  • Epo-Tek® 302 is a two components, fast-gelling, room temperature curing epoxy, designed for electronic, optical, medical, and general applications.
  • Epo-Tek® 302-3M is a two components epoxy used for optical, medical, fiber optic, and semiconductor applications. The epoxy is good for adhesive joining, sealing, potting, or as a coating.
  • Epo-Tek® 305 is a two component, semi-rigid, optical grade epoxy for semiconductor packaging of fiber optics, optoelectronics and medical devices.  It is an electrically and thermally insulating epoxy.
  • Epo-Tek® 310 M2 is a two component, optically clear, flexible epoxy adhesive designed for optical applications within semiconductor, fiber optic and medical industries.  It is an alternative to Epo-Tek® 310M.
  • Epo-Tek® 320 is a two components, black-colored and optically opaque epoxy designed for optical, medical, and optoelectronic packaging of semiconductor devices and components.  It is a widely used fiber-optic grade epoxy.
  • Epo-Tek® 323LP is a longer pot life version of Epo-Tek® 353ND designed for semiconductor, hybrid, fiber-optic, hard-disk drive and medical applications.
  • Epo-Tek® 353ND-T is a two component, highly thixotropic epoxy with non-flowing properties and high temperature resistance.
  • EPO-TEK®354 is a two component, high Tg epoxy designed for semiconductor packaging in medical, fiber optic and optoelectronic assemblies. It is an electrically and thermally insulating epoxy.
  • Epo-Tek® 360 is a two component, high-temperature grade epoxy for semiconductor, electronics, fiber optics and medical applications.
  • Epo-Tek® 377 is a two components, high Tg, fiber optic grade epoxy adhesive. It is well suited for semiconductor, medical and optical applications.
  • Epo-Tek® 383ND is a slightly longer pot life version of Epo-Tek® 353ND designed for high temperature, optical and structural applications inside the semiconductor, hybrid, electronic, fiber optic and medical industries.
  • Epo-Tek® OD2002 is a high Tg version of Epo-Tek® 353ND with low modulus and good toughness.  Replacement for Epo-Tek® 354.  It complies with USP Class VI biocompatibility standards.
  • Epo-Tek® OM125 is two component, high Tg, optical epoxy designed for bonding multi-mode fiber optic connectors.

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