A wide range of adhesives, silicons, greases and sealants for a large scale of applications.


Dispensers, applicators, valve systems, consumables: Gentec offers you a large range of products dedicated to your dosing needs.


Gentec offers Thinky ™ homogeneous mixing solutions. Unrivaled on the market, these units respond to your desire for perfect dosing.


A multifunctional robot with a rich catalog of functions which can fill many different manufacturing roles.

UV Curing

UV curing equipment provides the radiant (light) energy required for the polymerization of photo-sensitive materials.


Wide range of certified silicone-free and customizable consumables suitable for your devices.

About Us

Member of RG Distribution Group, the company Gentec Benelux is a solutions provider addressing problems related to precision assembly, adhesives, encapsulants, coatings, UV curing and UV light measurement for a wide range of industries. With over 20 years of experience, Gentec is supplying quality equipment and materials to an ever growing number of industrial clients in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.