UV radiometers

UV radiometers are calibrated instruments that measure UV energy in relation to a standard UV source. On-Line monitoring instruments are not calibrated. They indicate UV energy relative to a user-defined benchmark.

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EIT PowerPuck II EIT Powermap Plus EIT Microcure
The radiometers that first set the standard for the UV industry are now setting a new standard with advanced features and an easy to read display… The UV PowerMAP® and UV MAP Plus™ measure UV irradiance, radiant energy density and temperature. EIT®’s MicroCure® measurement system is comprised of two separate stand-alone items…
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EIT 3D Sensor EIT Compact Sensor
Quickly and easily profile dimensional and shaped objects of any size with EIT®’s 3DCure ™ Multi-Dimensional Measurement System. To obtain consistently good curing results, it is important to know when to perform UV system maintenance.
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