UV LED Arrays

As the world leader in delivering high power, UV-LED technology, Phoseon Technology pioneered the Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM). With SLM technology, OEMs can manufacture the environmentally cleanest, coolest operating, and most efficient UV-based systems commercially available.

Phoseon’s SLM is the core technology used to build UV LED based curing systems. SLM technology uses a tightly integrated array of high-intensity light-emitting diodes. Ultraviolet SLM arrays produce significantly higher intensity light than other UV LED light sources. UV SLM sources provide light with less wasted energy and longer lifetime than traditional gas discharge lamps.

Phoseon Technology UV LED light systems deliver superior performance, maximum UV energy and real-world reliability in both air and water cooled configurations. Ultraviolet (UV) LED systems are compact solid-state devices providing low energy consumption without moving parts. They are environmentally friendly with no ozone generation and mercury free.

Phoseon products are offered in two main cooling configurations. Air cooled systems are simpler and provide for lower total system economics while water cooled systems provide smaller form factors and have higher peak irradiance. Both system-types are based on Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix™ (SLM)® technology.

Air Cooled LED Arrays

  • Simple integration
  • No external cooling required
  • Low operating cost
  • Ideal for pinning & small area curing
FireEdge FireFly FireJet StarFire

Water Cooled LED Arrays

  • Small form factor
  • Higher peak irradiances available
  • Typically scaleable for longer cure lengths
  • Ideal for narrow & wide web curing
FireFlex FireLine FirePower StarFire MAX
Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) ™ Technology provides the following features and benefits:

•  Cooler, more intense, longer life, precise control, instant on / off: The full-intensity lifetime of SLM devices is expected to be 15,000+ hours compared to less than 2,000 hours with traditional lamps.
•  Power consumption is approximately 50% less than that of equivalently-intense lamps, reducing heat generation and power consumption.
•  SLM arrays are instant on/off, increasing throughput of SLM-based equipment compared to lamp-based equipment, in addition to saving power and heat.
•  SLM arrays can be constructed to irradiate a wider area more uniformly than lamps, enabling new applications such as web curing of photopolymers using UV SLMs.
•  SLM technology allows for the best cost per watt to produce UV LED curing solutions.
•  The light is efficiently collected and directed at the target using micro optics.
•  The heat generated by the array is managed with conductive packaging technology.
•  Electronic control allows instant on/off and light intensity control.
•  Individual semiconductor devices are insensitive to failures of other devices in the array.
•  SLM arrays produce uniform and high intensity UV output.

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