Thread Locking

Vibration may cause such problems as self-loosening of threads. By applying the Cyberbond « T » series, this problem is solved. Cyberbond maintains the on-torque given on a thread, which prevents the self-loosening process. At the same time, Cyberbond fills the voids in the threads, seals the threads and prevents corrosion.

Liquid Cyberbond is simply applied out of the bottle or tube. After assembly, it will cure completely and fix the mating parts. The complete thread should be wetted to ensure the load is distributed along the total length of the thread. A slight thixotropic nature of the products helps prevent the product flowing away and is responsible for optimal coverage of the thread.

By selecting the correct Cyberbond grade, use of mechanical aids may not be necessary. When choosing a product, consideration should be made to the various strength classes available, together with the material of the thread itself and its design. If threads need to be disassembled (e.g. a nut is positioned in a difficult to reach area) but has to be re-opened later, then no more than a medium strength grade should be used.

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