Thinky ARE 500

Thinky mixers are the ideal solution for homogeneous mixtures. Because a quality dosing deserves a quality mixer, Gentec offers Thinky ™ mixing solutions. Unrivaled on the market, these units respond to your desire for perfection in dosing. Independent and simple, they give your mixes a uniform appearance regardless of content. planetary mixers Thinky The use of centrifugal forces and deaeration process ensures a homogeneous result adapted to your mixers devoid of any air bubbles. Stop using your mixers with poorly mixed solutions and discover this range of mixers

The Thinky ARE 500 is Medium-size, general-purpose model for upgrading from a smaller model. The highly durable drive system employed is developed assuming high-frequency use including production. The rotation radius increasing effect and optimized rotation-revolution ratio improves mixing performance, and the deaeration performance is as good as the smaller models. It is mainly employed for uses that require batch-processing of a certain amount and processing of materials whose issue is uniform dispersion, including mixing and deaeration of urethane resin, even mixing of suspension, as well as preparation of alumina slurry.

Features :

  • Rotation and revolution independent variable mechanism mounted
  • Twin system, maximum capacity 250ml/400g × 2 (gross)
  • Mixing capacity can mix high-viscosity material such as viscous grease with viscosity 4,000Pa s
  • Can use a sensor unit that can detect temperature of materials being mixed in real time (optional)
  • Effective in setting recipes for materials that do not like temperature rise
  • Through external PC connections, can display recipe settings, rotations during operation, and material temperature in real time (USB Type B standard equipment)
  • Can remote control through external PC connections (optional RS485 terminal)
  • Dimensions: H692 x W500 x D500 (mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 95kg
  • Capacity: When using 550ml container: 500ml ・ 1.0kg (net) 500ml ・ 1.1kg (gross)
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