Thinky ARC 40H

Thinky mixers are the ideal solution for homogeneous mixtures. Because a quality dosing deserves a quality mixer, Gentec offers Thinky ™ mixing solutions. Unrivaled on the market, these units respond to your desire for perfection in dosing. Independent and simple, they give your mixes a uniform appearance regardless of content. planetary mixers Thinky The use of centrifugal forces and deaeration process ensures a homogeneous result adapted to your mixers devoid of any air bubbles. Stop using your mixers with poorly mixed solutions and discover this range of mixers

The THINKY ARC 40H syringe charger has been developed to fill syringes and barrels with mixed and deaerated material straight from the planetary centrifugal Deaeration Mixer while maintaining quality.
Because the filling operation is performed under vacuum pressure, mixing in of air bubbles is held to the minimum. Because multiple syringes can be filled at the same time, work efficiency can be improved and
upgraded. Also, because uniformly dispersed material can be filled at that quality, defects can be reduced at the time of potting which is thought to be caused by undispersed material and large air bubbles.

  • Able to charge materials into 3ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes, which are too small to charge manually.
  • Up to 4 syringes can be charged at one time effectively.
  • Capable for materials from low to high viscosity.
  • The process from mixing and defoaming to charging is integrated by THINKY products.
  • Easy to clean
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