Medical epoxy

Representative examples:

  • EPO-TEK MED 301 and EPO-TEK MED 301-2 are two component, clear and colorless, room temperature curing epoxies for sensor applications in IR and medical CT detectors. Both are USP Class VI approved.
  • EPO-TEK MED 302-3M  is a two components epoxy used for optical, medical, fiber optic, and semiconductor applications. The epoxy is good for adhesive joining, sealing, potting, or as a coating.
  • EPO-TEK MED 320 is a two components, black-colored and optically opaque epoxy designed for optical, medical, and optoelectronic packaging of semiconductor devices and components.  It is a widely used fiber-optic grade epoxy.
  • EPO-TEK MED 353ND is a well-known “standard in the industry”.
  • EPO-TEK MED 353ND-T is a two component, highly thixotropic epoxy with non-flowing properties and high temperature resistance.
  • EPO-TEK MED 354 and EPO-TEK MED 354-T  are a two component, high Tg epoxy designed for semiconductor packaging in medical, fiber optic and optoelectronic assemblies. It is an electrically and thermally insulating epoxy.
  • EPO-TEK MED 375 is a two components, high Tg epoxy designed for semiconductor, hybrid, fiber optic and medical applications.
  • EPO-TEK MED 377 is a two components, high Tg, fiber optic grade epoxy adhesive. It is well suited for semiconductor, medical and optical applications.
  • EPO-TEK MED H20E is a two components, 100% solid silver-filled epoxy system designed specifically for chip bonding in microelectronic and optoelectronic applications.
  • EPO-TEK MED OD2002 is a two component, high Tg epoxy with low modulus and good toughness. It is autoclavable and exhibits low stress on large core glass fibers in connectors.
  • EPO-TEK MED OG116-31 is a single components, UV curable epoxy adhesive and encapsulant, designed for PCB and circuit assembly applications found in semiconductor, computer, medical, and scientific/OEM industries.
  • EPO-TEK MED-OG198-54 is a single components, UV curable epoxy adhesive, designed for encapsulation and DAM applications in medical.
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