Edge Banding

These hotmelt adhesive systems react with moisture from the material to be bonded or the working environment (e.g. the air). In addition to the physical effect through the hardening of the liquid adhesive, there is also an additionally chemical reaction which positively influences the bond properties. With regards to the bonding properties or water and temperature resistance, PUR hotmelt adhesives are hard to beat. The different fields of application are: Furniture production Automotive industry Paper processing From profile wrapping to edgebanding and a wide variety of assembly bonds, everything is possible.The application takes place with suitable machines, lines and equipment.

In the edge banding field, the adhesive requirements of the furniture industry are constantly increasing, especially regarding  faster  application,  temperature and heat resistance, shapes and materials. Suitable adhesive systems for edge banding are :

  • EVA Hot Melts
  • PO Hot Melts (Ethylene-vinyl acetate and polyolefin) :
-  Based on thermoplastic  synthetics or resins which  set purely physical
-  Reach strength immediately after cooling and setting  or after crystallisation
-  Temperature resistance  from -20°C to 110°C (PO)



  • Reactive PUR Hot Melts (polyurethane) :

- Besides the physical setting there is a chemical cross  linking
- Much higher temperature  and moisture resistance  from -40°C up to 140°C

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