Norland UV adhesives

Norland Optical and Electronic Adhesives are designed for fast, precision bonding, and will simplify processes that require critical alignment or exact positioning.

Norland Adhesives Provide :

  • Fast cure
  • Long shelf-life
  • Strong bonds to glass, metal, ceramics and plastics
  • Low shrinkage — low stress
  • Gap filling properties
Norland Optical Adhesives

These one part adhesives will set in seconds when exposed to ultraviolet light, and can provide excellent light transmission over a wide spectral range. Our Optical Glues are designed for bonding where low strain, optical clarity or low outgassing are required in military, aerospace, fiber optics or commercial optics.
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Norland Electronic Adhesives

These one part adhesives will set in seconds with UV light or cure with heat to form an electrically insulating bond to fasten, tack or fill. Areas not exposed to UV light can cure because of a latent heat catalyst.
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